First Matlab implementation of DMCM

Here, you can download the MATLAB® scripts and p-code (pseudo-code) file with DMCM implementation that were prepared for reviewing process of our paper in Wireless Personal Communications. P-code file was compiled for MATLAB® 8.0 (2012b).

DMCM_MATLAB_package contains files:
1. DMCM_all.p - p-code file with DMCM implementation
2. DMCM_help.m - a description of input and output parameters for DMCM_all
3. DMCM_scenario_section5__2013_10_02.m - presentation of exemplary results for the scenario in section 5 of the paper
4. DMCM_scenario_section6__2013_10_02.m - presentation of exemplary results for the scenario in section 6 of the paper
5. ExtClarke.mat - numerical data of the extended Clarke's model

P-code file version: 2.1.2. (2013.09.16.)
Date of publication: 2013.10.02.
Download now: [link]


● The paper referred to above is "Geometry-based statistical model for the temporal, spectral, and spatial characteristics of the land mobile channel".
● For the selected input data, DMCM_all.p procedure makes it possible to obtain a matrix of the received signal parameters, samples of this signal in time, and the channel characteristics: autocorrelation function (ACF), power spectrum density (PSD), and power azimuth spectrum (PAS). (see Appendix of the paper).
● In the future, we will publish revised versions of DMCM implementation.
● If
you have any comments, problems with the code, etc., please contact us.