Welcome to the website of "DMCM.org.pl" portal

DMCM.org.pl is dedicated to topics related to the measurement, estimation, and modeling of radio channels, as well as location of radio emission sources. However, we emphasize our publications and solutions on these topics. Our, it means written by members of the informal research group ZAMEK-R at the Institute of Telecommunications, the Faculty of Electronics, the Military University of Technology (MUT). ZAMEK-R (in Polish, the word "ZAMEK" means a "CASTLE") is the acronym of the Polish name: Zespół Analizy, Modelowania i Estymacji Kanałów Radiowych, i.e. Group of the Analysis, Modeling, and Estimation of Radio Channels (GAME-RC).

The name of the portal is associated with the developed Doppler multi-elliptical channel model (DMCM). In accordance with the "Open Science" ideas, we provide materials related to our publications, conference speeches, as well as the measurement results and simulation research. We encourage everyone to use them, comment on news and publications. If you have any questions, please contact by the forum. We look forward to creative criticism on your part. We encourage you to cooperate with us in the implementation of joint research. We invite you to cooperate with us in the implementation of joint research.

Structure of this portal:
1. Home
2. DMCM:
2a. DMCM description - short description about our model
2b. DMCM papers - presentation of our papers related to modeling, measurement and estimation of channels
3. Download - in this section, we share the files of our resources, i.e. the source files that related to measurement, modeling and simulation, which were created during the projects and publications.
4. ZAMEK-R - the information about our research group and research areas.

Feel free to use the resources of our portal and share your insights.

In the near future, we will run a discussion forum related to the topics of our portal.